Speak English, daddy!

What about you?

How about writing in English today?

I’ve been thinking about telling Laura’s stories here in English…

But, let’s talk about the daddy who knows English. Is it better? Should we know English?

I think so.

When we speak English, we have a bigger capacity to understand what is happening around the world. We expand the knowledge and duplicate the opportunities in our life. All kinds of opportunities: the financial and, why not, the love ones…

And a dad who speaks English consequently encourages his son to learn too.

But, why is it so important?

It’s important not only for your future, but also for your son’s. If he grows up studying English, he will be more intelligent, prepared for the globalized world and, of course, you’ll save money with English schools.

And money, my friend, “que é good noiz não have”.

Maybe you could pay for an English School, but not for the basics and intermediates, you know?

That’s a good money saved!

Wow! And If you needed to put this text in Google Translator, you should study more and more! It’s easier than score in Palmeiras defence!

It’s us!!!

See ya!


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